What is the origin of handblown glass?

The art of glass blowing dates back to almost 50 BC when Syrian craftsmen invented the technique. Its popularity grew with the rise of the Roman Empire, taking it through Europe and then to parts of Asia and the Middle East. Soon after, the beauty and utility of blown glass made it widely known and desired around the world.

The first glass made in North America was produced in Puebla, Mexico around 1535 by artisans from Spain. Handblown glass arrived in the Guadalajara area in 1820.

Central America’s first blown glass factory opened in Guatemala in 1970. Its founders learned the art from local people, which made them valuable assets for two more factories that opened in 1972. Over the years, a small community of artisans from Quetzaltenango came together to create Cantel Blown Glass Artisans, a cooperative that works together with Novica to share these unique creations with the world.

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