We’re older and wiser – here’s what we’ve learned


Older and Wiser

At the ripe age of 22, we feel like we’ve learned a few things about life. Mainly this — the people you choose to surround yourself with make all the difference in the world.

Thanks for making our community so wonderful.

A Lot Happens in 22 Years

We’re so proud that with your help we’ve been able to send almost $112 million to artisans worldwide! But there are other ways to measure success….

Model wearing Sacred Pebbles earrings.
Model Wears Silver and Blue Topaz Dangle Earrings with Bone, “Sacred Pebbles”

Artisans have helped adorn 2 million ear lobes!

That’s right. From gorgeous filigree and precious gems to sese wood and recycled paper, global artisans have dazzled us with their incredible craftsmanship and creativity. Your ears would agree.


Handcrafted Blown Glass Tequila Shot Glasses (Set of 6), "Confetti Path"
Blown Glass Tequila Shot Glasses, “Confetti Path”

Artisans have helped us enjoy 92,000 shots!

Presuming each shot glass has been used at least once, global artisans have truly helped support the party with their handblown creations. Bottoms up in brightly-colored confetti, whirling aquamarine, and party pink.


Artisan Crafted Colorful Cotton Shawl from Guatemala, "Festival of Color"
Artisan Crafted Cotton Shawl, “Festival of Color”

Artisans have helped keep 100,000 shoulders warm

Whether you’ve worn them to weddings, parties, or nights out under the stars, handcrafted shawls have lent you comfort and style — from batik silk and eco-friendly printing to floral-patterned perfection.


Who’s in the photo?

Our inventory team in NOVICA’s Peru office asked Walter Jose Acosta (pictured holding the cake) to join them for an impromptu birthday photo, while he was dropping off some of his creations. Pictured from left to right we have Paul, Julissa, Walter, Sergio and Cinthya. Walter is a very talented archaeological replica artisan, with a fabulous collection we are all in love with!

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