Warm wishes from around the world!

You make a difference in so many lives. A huge difference. We all appreciate you so much! Please receive a warm, grateful embrace from all of us around the world, along with our very best wishes that you may experience wonderful moments and memories over these holidays, and into the brave new year ahead.

Our dream for you, and for all of our wonderful customers, artisans, and NOVICA staff, is that we may all be gifted with extra doses of love, friendship, health, safety, food, shelter, peace, passion and purpose – as much and as often as possible. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Let’s share all that, too, in every way we possibly can.

Please enjoy reading the holiday greetings below, sent by artisans whose lives you’ve changed for the better.

~ Roberto and Mina
NOVICA co-founders

In the words of our artisans

NOVICA creators from every corner of the world share their love and gratitude this holiday season.

Jesus and Roxana Hernandez | Mexico

“Thanks to Novica, during the pandemic, our alebrijes continued selling, which allowed us to obtain a loan for production. We added 15 artisan neighbors, who we continue to support. Most are family – brothers, sisters and cousins. Now that we work together, we talk about how to preserve our traditions. When our young nieces and nephews visit the workshop, they love to see how a simple piece of wood, painted in bright colors, becomes a treasure and a family legacy.”


Nareerat | Thailand

“In my special moments, I love to spend time with my children, who are all grown up. I work a lot, and I am determined to keep creating and developing my jewelry, but I also want to be there for the people I love. I would like to thank Novica for giving me a chance. I am so grateful because, since the COVID-19 pandemic, Novica has been my only source of income.”


Flora Polo | Andes

“Thanks to the success I’ve had selling through NOVICA, I was able to visit my hometown, Cajabamba after five years away. It was a very emotional encounter with my family. They received me with tamales and acuñas de almendras, or almond brittle. Seeing my family again filled my soul with inspiration and, when I returned to my workshop in Lima, I invested in new designs and a new compressor that lets me have a more uniform finish.

I feel very grateful for your support. Every day, I grow as an artisan, as a person, and as a mother. My desire to continue creating and take my art to different parts of the world is my life’s motivation. Muchas gracias!”


Erasmus Philip Ahorlu | Ghana

“Today, the future looks bright, and we are so grateful to Novica customers. We owe our success to a great team of artisans at the Accra Art Centre here in Ghana. Together, we work tirelessly to come up with very unique masks, and recently, we had an opportunity to celebrate together. We prepared fufu, a local dish made with boiled cassava and plantain, turned up the music and had a chance to motivate each other. After all, that is what teamwork is about – celebrating one another.”


Thank you again from all of us at Novica. Your support means life, love and happiness.


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