The NOVICA Click List

Our regular round up of things we found on the web that have moved us, piqued our interest, inspired us or made us smile.


5 Takeaways From UN’s Global Report on Happiness

Are you living in a happy nation?  This article from our friends at Nat Geo summarizes the UN’s Global Report on Happiness – and there are a few surprising conclusions…

Happiness Report



The Child Mortality Progress Report:  A Promise Renewed

If you knew how to save the 18,000 children who die every day, would you do it?  The progress report is out… there is still so much to do!  Read the report here


Disarm: Unique Art from Decommissioned Weapons

Artist Pedro Reyes uses pistols, rifles and shotguns seized from drug cartels by the Mexican army to make musical devices. Read the full article on Colossal

Art by Pedro Reyes


Have you seen anything inspiring or creative this week that could have made it onto this list?  Let us know what we missed in the comments!

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