Sharing is Caring. Why Is Sharing NOVICA Worth It?

At NOVICA, we say that love is at the core of everything we do and the best thing about LOVE is there’s plenty to go around.

Ceramic Artisan, Jose Arriola and Family

But seriously…

Why is NOVICA worth sharing?

These days, it seems like every email is making a request. Companies ask for your time, your money, your attention. We wanted to pose the question to ourselves. If we’re asking you to share with friends and family, then why is NOVICA worth sharing?

Wood Carver, Made Wirata, and family


1. When else does everyone win?

We always say, “a better world for artisans is a better world for all.” When we empower artisans by connecting them directly with customers, not only does it improve the artisan’s life, it also uplifts their local communities, and delights the customer who can now access unique, affordable, handmade art from around the world.

West African Artisan, Salihu Ibrahim, at Work

2. Culture and crafts need protection

By shopping handmade over factory-produced, you help preserve techniques that have been passed down for generations and cultures that would otherwise be lost to mega-production lines. These artisans are vestiges of a disappearing world, and it falls to all of us to support them.

Indian Textile Artisan, Meena

3. You have good taste!

Not to toot your horn but if you’ve found your way to NOVICA, it’s because you cherish unique, one-of-a-kind products that come with their own stories. You care about works of art — and the artisans who make them — because they make the world more beautiful, more diverse, and more interesting.

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