Meaningful Wood Gifts for Every Occassion

wooden heart sculpture

Above almost all materials that people use to build with, wood surpasses them all. You do hear about various pieces made from metal and other new age materials, but when it comes to wood, it has more inspiration put into it than any other stock. What makes wood such an irresistible material? There are a number of answers to the question.

The range of colors, patterns, and even the way certain wood displays such a magnificent aroma, comes to mind. The variety of species also makes each wooden piece one of a kind, even if the sculpture or gifted piece looks similar to another.

Aside from the beauty of each wooden piece that ever individual species of tree gives to the work of art or gifted item, you also have to take into consideration that we respond more to wood than to concrete, cement, and other manufactured materials. Wood grows and changes over time, it “seasons” like we do, and does so with grace, and thus wood gifts are both beautiful and filled with sentimental meaning.

There is a connection with lumber and wood stock with us because it is part of the natural world, as we are. Each species of tree that the work of art or gift comes from has a history. Just as people have a history.

Wood’s History

As a species, humans have survived in part due to wood. And we aren’t just talking about building, of course, though this aspect has had a huge impact. It’s about the energy that has come from it in order for us to develop as people. Wood is considered “primal.”

But back to the building facet of wood. From the dawn of mankind up to the modern day, wood is part of our lives because it is used in most structures from homes to temples, to skyscrapers that dawn the city sky. But even when it comes to structure, carpenters and woodworkers alike will craft the wood in such a manner that it does more than holds the roof up. They will add design to the décor because people love the sculptured imprint in this awesome material.

Think about the chicken and the egg issue. It’s difficult to know which came first. The use of wood as a building material because there are practical applications for it, or because we love the manner in which it makes our house become a home. And it has done this across generations of cultures and eras. When figuring out the reason we have a love of wood in sculptures, buildings, gifts, and even furniture, it is going to depend on the outlook of the owner.

How Wood Improves Every Owner’s Outlook

Surrounding ourselves by any natural material such as wooden objects shows that it is a naturally comforting material. If we don’t have wooden sculptures, or icons surrounding us, then we may have wooden floors, walls, or ceilings. There are so many positive psychological effects that wood has on mankind, and there have been studies showing this to be the case.

The results of these shouldn’t surprise anyone. It is associated with security, warmth, and relaxation. The lumber from a tree is so inviting and opens up feeling and thoughts that stone and concrete just cannot. Wood being in our presence boosts everyone’s outlook on life whether they believe it or not. So appealing it is that it gives us that positive feeling about not just our environment, but where we fit into it.

The University Of British Columbia did a great amount of research and came to the conclusion that with wood in our presence, our sympathetic nervous system activates. The fight or flight response starts to kick in. Higher educational academics tend to believe that if you surround yourself with wood, your stress levels start to improve, and your overall psychological health increases for the good. This material in the home brings the outdoors inside, in essence.

Wood Is Far Beyond Just A Building Material

Due to the long history of wood, as well as the positive that is associated within, it’s no accident it has endured from the start of mankind until now. It appeals to the senses, as well as boosts our mood. No wonder when you are given it as a gift, whether as a sculpture to enhance our home decor, or as furniture to set our lamps and plates one, that it boosts the mood. Are you looking to give a wooden piece as a gift? Here are a few wood gift ideas to spark your imagination:

Wood is the traditional 5th anniversary gift, but romantic wood sculptures make a wonderful anniversary gift no matter the occasion.

romantic wood sculpture anniversary gift

In many cultures, elephants symbols of good luck and wisdom. An elephant sculpture makes a wonderful gift for a graduate or anyone embarking on a new phase in their lives.

handcarved wood elephant sculpture

With the sentimentality behind gifts made from wood, it is no wonder that these gifts make wonderful presents for moms. From wooden sculptures depicting motherhood to gorgeous, hand-carved wood jewelry boxes, mothers will appreciate wood gifts for years to come.

mother child wood sculpture

artisan wood jewelry box

Wood home decor accents make wonderful housewarming gifts or thoughtful hostess gifts. A beautifully designed wood vase filled with brightly colored blooms can spruce up any space, while wood chess set, that is both decorative and functional, is a unique gift that will be cherished by the recipient.

mango wood vase

wood chess set

And for your friend with the bohemian spirit and infinite wanderlust, wood jewelry handmade by global artisans is the perfect gift to fit her style and remind her of her travels.

wood necklace

No matter the occasion, give a gift made of wood and expect the eyes of your recipient it to light up every time they look at it.

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buy Indian handicrafts online
5 years ago

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