India Beckons: Explore Decor, Jewelry and More

While a trip to the Taj Mahal may not be on the calendar this summer, you can still admire its magnificent details through the handmade works that carry on its artistic traditions.

Looking for that unique home accent that will add instant style? Discover the traditional Indian carving style called jali. Openwork jali consists of elaborate perforations that once served as an early form of climate control, because warm air cooled as it passed through the small holes. Today, Novica artisans like Gulam Rasool, Raj Kumari and Raja Ram carry these traditions into the present, linking a rich spiritual inheritance to modern designs of the art form.

Hand-carved jali decor

Close-up on Chander Kant’s ‘Midnight Family’ sculpture…

Pictured at center above is the ‘Midnight Family’ wood sculpture. Coming from a highly-esteemed family of woodcarvers, Chander Kant established mastery of the medium at a young age. It’s impossible not to admire the meticulous attention to detail in this owl-themed wood sculpture. But look closer at the image below…can you see the tiny owl inside the larger owl? This stunning piece consists of carvings within carvings, all executed from a single piece of wood!

Closeup of ‘Midnight Family’ sculpture

Can’t get enough jali? Neither can we! Wear this unique style in the form of handcrafted jewelry from talented Indian artisans like Chander Kant, Neetu Barathi and Neeru Goel. Whether hand-carved from wood or cast in sterling silver, their jali-motif pieces are one-of-a-kind.

Jali jewelry
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