Escape to the Tropics with Hand Blown Margarita Glasses

Here in the Cleveland, Ohio area, it’s getting cold. Very, very cold. I guess that week or so of springtime weather in December was Mother Nature’s way of pulling shenanigans on everyone! So like everyone else, I have packed away my warm weather clothing AGAIN, and I’ve broken out the sweaters and boots. It appears that Old Man Winter is here to stay for awhile.

As I sit here freezing, I cannot help but fantasize about sitting on a nice, tropical beach somewhere, sipping on a frozen Margarita. How amazing would it be to feel warm sand between my toes, and smell the salt in the air as a gentle breeze blows?

Sigh. A gal can dream, right?

Well, unfortunately, my pocketbook won’t allow me to escape to some fabulous, all-inclusive resort in Cancun. I don’t think the kiddos would appreciate their mother being absent, either. I’d probably come home to some sort of disaster, anyway.

That’s okay! I can always have a “pretend vacation”, complete with Margaritas! In fact, for New Year’s Eve, the hubby and I will be doing just that! After the kids head off to bed, we will be enjoying some reggae music, Mexican food, and of course, Margaritas.Handblown margarita glasses

hand blown margarita glasses

I am really excited about our little staycation, and even more excited that I will be able to serve our drinks in my gorgeous Hand Blown Margarita Glasses in Aqua Freeze. These glasses are incredible, which is exactly what I’d expect from the expert craftsmen, Javier and Efrén.

The artistry of Javier and Efren has been featured in periodicals ranging from Sunset magazine to the Miami Herald.

Since the 1990s, Javier Gutiérrez and Efrén Canteras have worked together to preserve Mexico’s blown glass artistry. “This type of work is a beautiful craft. I love blown glass because of the pure imagination poured into every piece created,” confides Efrén.

“Even though the art of blowing glass originally came to Mexico from Spain, and it is practiced all over the world, Mexico’s blown glass artistry is unique,” says Javier enthusiastically.

I actually have several pieces of their work, including wine glasses, a fun, confetti pitcher, and even everyday drinkware. Javier and Efrén’s handblown glassware products are lovingly made in Mexico, and can be found on the NOVICA website.

The thing I love most about these artisan glasses is how unique they are. Since each glass is made by hand, there are slight variations in their size, shape, and overall appearance. This makes them extra special, since they possess character and charm you simply won’t find in big box stores. Every time I order tableware from Novica, I always spend a few minutes just admiring it, looking for those subtle little differences that make these pieces so magical.

Good looks aside, these glasses are amazing. The quality of workmanship is evident in every piece. They are very durable, since they are made from a heavy, thick, colored glass. I have accidentally dropped a glass before, and was delighted to see that it did not shatter. Of course I wouldn’t recommend tossing glasses around, but these are definitely more sturdy than your typical glassware. In a home with a clumsy teen and two little ones, durability earns major brownie points!

Not a drinker? No worries! These Hand Blown Margarita Glasses can be used for other, less adult purposes, too! We like using them as dessert cups. Just imagine these beautiful glasses as a vessel for parfaits, or even some fried ice cream topped with whipped cream and a decadent caramel sauce. Yum! These glasses are perfect for special occasions, but are also wonderful for everyday use.

Overall, I am absolutely delighted with my latest Novica purchase. I am a huge fan of Javier and Efrén, and once again, they did not disappoint. I’m looking forward to ringing in the New Year with my husband, sipping on a tropical Margarita out of these fab glasses. Sure, we may live somewhere unbearably cold, but I have a feeling things will seem nice and toasty here as we celebrate with our Mexican feast!

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Hand Blown Margarita glasses, ‘Aqua Freeze’ (set of 4) by Javier and Efrén (Mexico)

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