Meet Elena Ixtamer, Weaver of Joy

Handcrafted Scarf
Elena Ixtamer, NOVICA Textile Artisan

Elena Ixtamer weaves gratitude into every piece she makes. It is evident in the vibrancy of her colors, the gorgeous texture of her fabrics, and the celebration of her designs. We welcomed her to the NOVICA family this year, and we are overjoyed by her work and her spirit.

At eight years old, Elena learned to weave by her mother’s side. “It is the best inheritance she has left me,” Elena said. Today, she passes that intricate knowledge on to her own daughters, Lisbeth, Leyla, and Juana. “Every day is a new opportunity to learn together. Quality time that unites us and strengthens our relationship.”

Handcrafted Scarf Handcrafted Items in Elena's Collection
Handcrafted Items in Elena’s Collection

Thanks to loyal NOVICA customers, Elena now employs eight artisans. “It fills me with much emotion and pride,” she says. “It has been one of my biggest dreams to help my community.” Now she is able to do so.

When asked what she’s looking forward to this holiday season, her answer is decisive: “Prosperity, health, and gratitude.” At NOVICA, we’re thrilled to play a small role in helping her and her family achieve those dreams.


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