How is Love Goodly related to NOVICA?

Love Goodly joined the NOVICA family in early 2020. The two companies have many commonalities that made this union a perfect match. Both companies were created with powerful socially conscious missions that promote a healthier lifestyle while helping to preserve the planet. Both companies are strongly tied to the concept of love. Both companies were cofounded by women entrepreneurs. And both companies believe in the importance of giving back. Love Goodly’s mission is to help people switch to clean and cruelty free beauty, skincare and personal care products, so they can discover a healthier lifestyle for themselves and the planet. NOVICA’s mission is to spread happiness from connecting consumers to artisans with a core value of love. By supporting this connection, NOVICA impacts and empowers the artisans, their families and communities. Through the purchasing choices we make, we can change the world. That’s why providing clean beauty products is a perfect addition to round out the suite of offerings from the Impact Marketplace. We’d love to help people reduce toxins in their personal care with clean beauty. And through vegan beauty products we can reduce animal exploitation and help improve our environment.  Every person that switches to non-toxic beauty products is an important step in the right direction. We hope that you can help bring others on board to adopt a safer, healthier lifestyle that helps animals and the planet too.

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