Green Global Travel Features NOVICA Ornaments in its Gift Guide

NOVICA is honored to be placed in the number one position on Green Global Travel’s holiday gift guide!

“Guatemalan Hummingbirds” Ceramic Ornaments

NOVICA’s handcrafted Christmas ornaments were showcased as touted as fair trade items created by indigenous people from around the world.

“Holiday Owls” Dried Mate Guord Ornaments from Peru

Quote from Green Global Travel:

“We’ve loved NOVICA (which was originally affiliated with National Geographic) for years for their unique, handmade Fair Trade gifts, which are artfully crafted by indigenous artisans around the world.

“But we also appreciate their mission of working directly with those artisans to help them overcome adversity, support their families, and uplift their local communities.

“Our favorites from their 2021 Christmas collection include a beautiful set of 6 Ceramic Hummingbird Ornaments, which are hand-crafted in Guatemala by José Arriola. The artist says hummingbirds frequent his garden daily, which explains his incorporation of colorful flowers into his vivid acrylic designs.

“We also love the set of 3 Dried Mate Gourd Owls Ornaments by Peruvian artists Margarita and Martha, each of which is adorned with colorful Andean-style caps with flowers at the end.”

We appreciate Green Global Travel for supporting our mission to spread happiness and to allow global artisans to thrive.

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