Gold Amethyst Ring for February Birthdays

Sometimes a package arrives in the mail which makes you smile every time you think about it. I did not know what to expect from my first NOVICA shipment but I loved the concept. The array of handcrafted items on the website is almost dizzying. Everything is so beautiful and at surprisingly competitive price points. I eventually selected the beautiful gold amethyst ring, “Lilac Nature”,  from India.

When I received the package, I was blown away by the attention to detail and pride that went into every element of this beautiful item.  The package came in a sturdy box with the NOVICA label. Opening this delivery was nothing short of an experience. Each layer a delight to the senses, with the packaging a treasure in and of itself. When I finally peeled off the handmade paper of the perfectly wrapped gift, I found a gold embroidered fabric gift bag with a beautiful post card, a hand written note of thanks from the artisan who created this piece, and an embossed booklet describing his artistic philosophy, history and a little about the piece. The attention to quality and detail in the packaging alone was stunning. You should have no hesitation in sending a NOVICA item as a gift, as anyone who receiving something from NOVICA in the mail will be instantly intrigued.

NOVICA gift packaging

This amethyst ring far exceeded my expectations. The weight is significant, the cut is impeccably crafted to showcase the stone which is gloriously rich, vivid and bright. The setting is refreshingly unique, and the ring is classic yet modern. I wear it in lieu of my engagement ring (which sadly has a missing stone),  and this ring looks perfectly comfortable playing that prestigious part. Bonus points is that the amethyst is my birth stone and this is by far the prettiest amethyst stone I have ever seen and it is worn with pride and pleasure.  The sizing was perfectly true to size and the ring is extremely comfortable.  Crafted from gold vermeil there is no risk of allergies or amethyst ring

gold amethyst ring

A piece like this glows with the rich talent, history and pride with which it is crafted, and is one to keep and cherish forever. I could not be any more delighted with it. The satisfaction of supporting a talented craftsman through such a phenomenal organization makes it exponentially more special to me.

For a closer look, please check out my video review.

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