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National Geographic Lost Civilizations Book, "Lost Cities, Ancient Tombs"

Blending high adventure with history, this chronicle of 100 astonishing... more

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Blending high adventure with history, this chronicle of 100 astonishing discoveries from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the fabulous "Lost City of the Monkey God" tells incredible stories of how explorers and archaeologists have uncovered the clues that illuminate our past.

Archaeology is the key that unlocks our deepest history. Ruined cities, golden treasures, cryptic inscriptions, and ornate tombs have been found across the world, and yet these artifacts of ages past often raised more questions than answers. But with the emergence of archaeology as a scientific discipline in the 19th century, everything changed.

Illustrated with dazzling photographs, this enlightening narrative tells the story of human civilization through 100 key expeditions, spanning six continents and more than three million years of history. Each account relies on firsthand reports from explorers, antiquarians, and scientists as they crack secret codes, evade looters and political suppression, fall in love, commit a litany of blunders, and uncover ancient curses.

Pivotal discoveries include:

  • King Tut's tomb of treasure
  • Terracotta warriors escorting China's first emperor into the afterlife
  • The glorious Anglo-Saxon treasure of Sutton-HooGraves of the Scythians, the real Amazon warrior women
  • New findings on the grim fate of the colonists of Jamestown

With a foreword from bestselling author Douglas Preston, Lost Cities, Ancient Tombs is an expertly curated and breath-taking panorama of the human journey.

  • 0.45 kgs
  • 1.0 lbs
  • 23.6 cm H x 16.3 cm W x 5.1 cm D
  • 9.25" H x 6.5" W x 2" D
  • 512 pages
  • 512 pages

  • Paper
  • Hardcover
  • Made in China.
  • Ships fast from USA.
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Verified Reviewer


"Book on Lost Cultures"

This book is very informative and alot thicker than I thoought it would be. I am excited to start reading and getting more informed on lost cities and cultures that were far more advanced and democratic than we perhaps knew.

Purchased Item:

Lost Cities, Ancient Tombs, National Geographic Lost Civilizations Book

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Verified Reviewer


"This makes me happy!"

So beautiful and soothing. Ive purchased many at this point as gifts. Your artistry is absolutely amazing!

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From Charleston/West Virginia/USA

Verified Reviewer


"Very beautiful!"

I love this bracelet and will recommend NOVICA to my friends and family.

Best Uses

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Verified Reviewer


"Love this bracelet"

This warm reddish bracelet is gorgeous.The material and craftsmanship are perfect.

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Verified Reviewer


"Lovely array of colors"

Lover of chimes and have many hanging on porch and patio, but these are unique in design and color and sturdy in thickness. Cant wait to hang them outside once our weather turns warmer so I can hear their sounds for first time. Noticed colors are a bit darker than pastel hues seen online, but I am sure will appear lighter with sun shining through them. Beautiful creation, dont hesitate to buy.

Best Uses

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Verified Reviewer


"A Christmas Classic"

I got this as a gift for my sister in her new home in vermont. Its GORGEOUS. Its brings so much Christmas cheer!! Getting myslef one for next year!

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Gift Occasion:
  • This was a gift for: Sister
  • Occasion: Christmas

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