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Handbag Gifts for Mom

Our handpicked selection of unique handbag gifts for mom, designed and handcrafted with great care by talented artisans worldwide:

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Handbags for Mom

NOVICA's collection of handbag gifts for mom features the work and style of some of the most talented artisans worldwide. If your mom is a fashionista or the responsible type who doesn’t know what to do with gifts, a beautiful and functional handbag may be in order. NOVICA’s boutique of handbags for mom is a selection of fine, durable purses that can, and most likely will, be used every day. Luisa Villavicencio’s purses are 100% ecological and made from 100% natural undyed cotton from the last cotton farm in Guatemala: her own. Buying a handbag for mom from Luisa means supporting the farm and the 80 artisans who endeavor to maintain their way of life. And if your mom is the type that would never let you litter or waste food, you might want to peek at Neide Ambrosio’s upcycled works.