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Earrings for Her

Like the illustrious chandeliers suspended from the Sistine Chapel, NOVICA’s earrings for her will elegantly hang upon her ears, emboldening grace and sophisticated artistry. Made from the finest artisans in Brazil, Central America, India, Thailand, Bali & Java, and Andes, there are a plethora of lavish earrings for her to choose from like the cultured pearl, jade studded, sterling silver, garnet chandelier and gold accented flowers, to name a few. Susan Tereba, creates the most hypnotizing paintings and jewelry, with some of her earrings and necklaces being carved from fossilized mammoth tusks. Although these shaggy mammoths existed 4,500 years ago, their fossilized tusks are utilized in creating some of the finest pieces of jewelry, like NOVICA’s earrings that put a smile to her face and an accent to almost every ensemble.