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Bracelet Gifts for Her

Our handpicked selection of unique bracelet gifts for her, designed and handcrafted with great care by talented artisans worldwide:

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Bracelets for Her

NOVICA gifts are brought to you from some of the most exotic places in the world - from Thailand, Bali & Java, India, West Africa, Mexico and the Andes, we present the finest bracelets for her. Brazilian artisan Marilia Guimaraes has been designing women’s accessories, such as her leather bracelets, since 1985. The uniqueness in Marilia’s jewelry comes from her usage of national and imported materials that add to the texture and sophisticated femininity that make her bracelets perfect for a fancy and or casual event. With so many dainty bracelets to choose from, artists like Buana make wearing silver an experience. Making bracelets using citrine, peridot and garnet, Buana surrounds his bracelets with prismatic gemstones and carves, with smooth white bone, the exquisite faces of imperial women. We hope you fully enjoy our collection of handpicked Bracelets for Her!