Housewarming Gifts for Her

The origins of housewarming is a bit of a mystery. Some historians contend that it started as a literal warming, and that guests would arrive with offerings of firewood to the new house to rid it of evil spirits. Regardless of its origin, or many origins, there is certainly a wide variety of customs for housewarming now: hours of blessings in India; presents of bread, salt, and sugar in Russia; and quick, casual get-togethers in the states. NOVICA’s bounty of Housewarming Gifts for Her contains fitting gifts for just about any housewarming custom you’re partial to. These gifts can add warmth to her house to make it feel like a home. Our collection of Housewarming Gifts for Her has kitchen accessories, wall décor, and vases to keep her home fresh and personal. And if personal is important to you, you’ll be pleased to know that these housewarming gifts are all handmade.