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African Gifts

Our handpicked selection of unique African gifts, designed and handcrafted with great care by talented artisans throughout the continent of Africa:

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Gifts from Africa

NOVICA’s Arfrican Gift collection contains nearly 200 pieces of art and jewelry created from exclusively local woods and leathers - a collection of African art like no other in the world. Each artisan works in traditional ways, hand crafting bracelets, sculptures, masks and jewelry, while at the same time providing training and employment to their friends and neighbors. Take for instance the intricate, yet simple coconut shell and horn beaded bracelet by Ghana’s Kati Torda, or the terracotta and bauxite earrings by Nonyem Abena Ibeneme. Our Gifts from Africa collection primarily features traditional crafts inspired by local surroundings and culture, made from local materials and available online worldwide.