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Christmas Gifts for Dad

Our handpicked selection of unique Christmas gifts for dad, designed and handcrafted with great care by talented artisans worldwide, many of them fathers themselves:

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Popular Christmas Gifts for Dad

Christmas Gifts for Dad

It can be difficult to get a Christmas gift for dad that’s just right. Thankfully, you get another shot at it every year. NOVICA has ideal Christmas gifts for dad whether he’s daring, dapper, or devout. Show dad he’s James Bond with a set of Martini glasses or Gordon Ramsay with a set of knives. The best part about these gifts is that each shares something of its history: the tree that it was carved from, the hands that tooled it, the influence of the Ghanaian, Indian, Thai culture at its root. These touches make for a really unique Christmas gift that dad’s never seen before. Fernando Cano, a father himself, describes his works as proud representatives of his creativity. Alberto Caceres carries on the work his forefathers achieved in the Incan Empire. With Christmas gifts for dad from artisans like these, you’re bound to make even Father Christmas proud.