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The Still Life Watercolor Painting

The still life has its origins in ancient times and is one of the art world's most popular themes. Still life paintings in Egyptian tombs represented objects the dead could use in the afterlife, and decorative arrangements of foodstuffs represented hospitality in Roman villas. The still life came into its own in 17th century Europe. Compared to the portrait or landscape, the still life painting gave the artist more freedom to compose a canvas.

Depicting both natural and man-made elements, the still life watercolor is especially lucid. Watercolors appear more vivid than oil or acrylic, and multiple layers result in a very luminous effect. Yet the medium is considered difficult to master.

Dr. Sneh Gangal selects watercolor for evocative glimpses of India. For Jitinder, his paintings are a form of expression. Nitaya Tamwong's ethereal flower paintings are wonderfully vibrant, with an emphasis on the red painting to depict tropical blossoms. And watercolor is the medium of preference for Mexican artist Ana Rosa Navarro.

We hope you enjoy exploring our still life watercolor paintings from around the world!

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