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Abstract Acrylic Paintings

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Explore NOVICA's Abstract Acrylic Paintings Collection. Discover unique original paintings, created by artisans around the world, in the medium that revolutionized the art world in the middle of the 20th century.

The Abstract Acrylic Painting

First marketed in the 1950s, acrylic is a versatile and popular medium because it dries so quickly. It is soluble in water and can be used as a wash, yet it can be used with palette knife to build textures in low relief. Both high gloss and matte finishes can be achieved, and Mexican muralists were some of the first artists to take advantage of the medium.

Its possibilities are used to advantage in abstract acrylic paintings, and Novica's West African artists prefer its bold, clear color when depicting people and portraits. From Brazil, Verita creates vibrant color closures in still life paintings while India's Rakesh Kumar incorporates Hindu icons into fanciful nonfigurative works. Some of our most intriguing abstract acrylic paintings are created by talented pachyderms whose elephant art is vibrant and alive. We hope you enjoy our wide selection from artists around the world!

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