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Bamboo zampoña panpipe, 'Malta Professional' - Unique Bamboo Zampona Panpipe with Case Curate

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Unique Bamboo Zampona Panpipe with Case, "Malta Professional"

From Dionisio Quilla comes this delightful zampoña, a bamboo panpipe of glorious... more

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From Dionisio Quilla comes this delightful zampoña, a bamboo panpipe of glorious tones that recall the wind blowing across the majestic Peruvian highlands. Zampoña is an essential instrument to accompany the folk music of Peru and especially the high Andes, where this instrument is widely used. This zampoña is considered to be of superior, professional quality - hence Malta Professional, for it comprises two tiers of flutes, one of six the other of seven pipes, to procure the perfect pitch. With a lifetime dedicated to the elaboration of Peruvian traditional instruments, Quilla states, "The making of professional instruments is a delicate endeavor - not only because of the special material but also for the tonalities it’s meant to produce."

Quilla displays his expertise by carefully selecting the bamboo reeds according to the notes he wishes to produce and holds the reeds together with a small wooden slab. A brightly colored wool band creates a stunning decorative accent and includes an equally colorful wool case.

  • 0.16 kgs
  • 0.4 lbs
  • Zampoña: 30 cm H x 11 cm W x 4 cm D
  • Zampoña: 11.75" H x 4.3" W x 1.6" D
  • Case: 32 cm H x 12 cm W x 5 cm D
  • Case: 12.5" H x 4.7" W x 2" D

  • Bamboo
  • Carrying case included
  • Free Gift Wrap? Yes
  • Premium Gift Wrap? Yes
  • Made in Peru.
  • Certified and shipped by our office in Andes
Your Purchase Makes a Difference!

Dionisio Quilla has received a $400 microcredit loan with 0% interest. Proceeds were used to purchase the materials he needs to increase production, such as wood and bamboo.

This artist uses traditional techniques handed down through the generations and/or creates culturally significant items, helping keep these traditions alive.

Every purchase from this artist has a profound impact on their livelihood and income.

This artist is an elder master and continues to actively practice their craft.

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Hi Dionisio Quilla, i ment no offense by the message i sent all of ypur work is very unique and the quena flutes are magnificent. I was just wondering if you could add something on to the flute to give it a personal touch. Just to make if one of a kind, if not its okay i was just wondering.


Hi Dionisio, have you already made the quena flute i ordered a couple days ago? If not could you add something unique to it?