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Multi-gemstone statuette, 'Amazonian Parrot' - Multi-Gemstone Hand Carved Parrot Statuette Curate

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Multi-Gemstone Hand Carved Parrot Statuette, "Amazonian Parrot"

Artisan César Gonzáles of Peru hand carves this beautiful, lifelike parrot from... more

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Artisan César Gonzáles of Peru hand carves this beautiful, lifelike parrot from gemstones. González takes advantage of the natural color and grain of the stones to bring authentic details to his work. The parrot's eyes and perch are made from calcite, its beak is onyx, and its feathers are made from jasper, sodalite, and serpentine. The parrot stands on copper legs and can be removed from its perch.

  • 3.01 kgs
  • 6.6 lbs
  • Parrot: 27 cm H x 16 cm W x 9 cm D
  • Parrot: 10.75" H x 6.25" W x 3.5" D
  • Base: 14 cm H x 11 cm W x 7.5 cm D
  • Base: 5.5" H x 4.3" W x 3" D

  • Calcite, onyx, serpentine, jasper, amazonite, sodalite, celestite, copper legs, acrylic eyes
  • Hand-crafted item -- color, size and/or motif may vary slightly
  • Free Gift Wrap? Yes
  • Premium Gift Wrap? Yes
  • Made in Peru.
  • Certified and shipped by our office in Andes
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Novica sales account for most of Cesar's income. It enables him to provide for his family, educate his children, take care of his health and provide full-time employment for other artisans. He is very grateful that his workshop has grown with Novica and for the security it has brought to his life.

"I learned to carve stone from a friend. In turn, I have taught my son and many of my workers the art of stone carving. When one of my artisans leaves to start a workshop of their own, I feel great pride. It means that the stone art of Peru will live on. Stone carving records the history of Peru and the Andes. Even though we now use machinery to bring our hand drawings to life... the stories the stones tell and the motifs we incorporate have been with us since pre-Inca times."

This artist is working with some sort of disability ranging from mental or physical and includes conditions such as being handicapped physically, or perhaps having a condition such as autism. This is also awarded to artists that employ other artists with disabilities.

Cesar's workshop is well-respected in his community. He is able to give full-time employment to his workers. He credits the steady income and recognition that Novica sales give him with the stability and determination that enable him to continue to grow his workshop.

Cesar Gonzales has received 5 microcredit loans with 0% interest from Kiva and Novica, the first for $500 and the most recent for $2050. Proceeds were used to buy stones and other raw materials he needs to increase production.

Cesar is constantly teaching and employing younger workers who are eager to learn from a master craftsman. Today he gives work to people who are the sole support of their families.

This artist striving to supporting their own or their family's basic needs and improve their livelihood.

Product Reviews By Customers

63 Testimonials for Cesar Gonzales


Worcester, England

I have several of Cesar Gonzales bird sculptures and I admire his choice of gemstones and the way he sculpts the wings and other features of the birds.


Cesar's masterful creation of the onyx pyramid immediately endows and bestows grace, strength, and peace into my space. A true piece of art, with formidable soul, I am grateful for Cesar and the piece he created and shared ~



This was a gift for my partner and he absolutely loved it. Thank you so much.