NOVICA Launches Curation – An Addictive New Tool To Boost Artisan Impact

In September, 2012, NOVICA introduced an addictive new product sharing feature known as “Curation”.  This allows users to take their favorite NOVICA items and share them in collections full of memorable images.  With over 5000 collections to date, curated by over 2900 curators, new users can browse collections for inspiration, “like” or comment on them, or re-curate images to their own collections.

Extract from the collection "Me And Bobby McGee" by Una Who Wanders

Extract from the collection “Me And Bobby McGee” by Una Who Wanders

At the heart of this new feature is NOVICA’s mission to positively impact the lives of artisans around the world.  Curation allows customers to become a part of this mission in a meaningful way:  by curating  their own virtual gallery full of product collections, they can give extra visibility to their favorite artisans, and hopefully as a result, boost these artisan’s product sales.

Curated collections are visible throughout the entire website, enabling other customers to directly purchase the items they see in a collection.  This gives curators a real opportunity to make a difference in the areas that interest them. Curators can, for example, choose to give exposure to women artisans, artisans from a certain region, or simply artisans that usually remain hidden from view.

Users may also adopt NOVICA’s Curation as a social network to connect with like-minded art lovers and collectors.  They can create personal profiles displaying their gallery’s impact and the number of artisans who have benefited from their activities with NOVICA, “follow” other curators, and keep up-to-date with their favorite artisans.

Curation inspires creativity!  Curators can take the artistic endeavors of NOVICA artisans and repackage them to display creative collections that are in themselves a work of art.  With access to an ever-growing library containing thousands of mood images, users can add depth and context to the artisan products being promoted.

Unlike other photo sharing sites, Curation allows users to crop and rearrange images within collections, using a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to arrange visually compelling collections.  Users can then draw on their creativity to curate by color, design, or theme, generating unique ways in which to showcase certain artisan treasures.

Friendly competition between curators also pays off for artisans in need, as curators vie for prizes awarded to the most creative and impactful collections and galleries.  One lucky winner to be announced in March 2013 will win the first of many great prizes – on this occasion, the grand prize is an 8 day trip of a lifetime with National Geographic Expeditions to Machu Picchu in Peru.

For more information on NOVICA curation, please contact our PR team.


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