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Brown Mirrors

Welcome to NOVICA’s brown mirrors collection! Fill your home with the most beautiful mirrors framed in tones of the earth from the Andes, West Africa, Central America, Bali & Java and India!

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Popular Brown Mirrors

Brown Mirrors

Some of the things we love the most come in the color brown, from brewing gourmet coffee, yummy chocolate brownies, brown sand between our toes, polished mahogany wood and NOVICA’s lavish brown mirrors. Knowing that brown is one of the most popular feng shui colors utilized in the home; NOVICA has made it a point to bring together artisans like the Gonzales Family who drew from classic Renaissance art to hand carve an aromatic cedar wood piece into gorgeous bouquets of roses, blooming around a mirror. Kwame Kandavi, an artisan from Western Ghana, has crafted a rich brown, cedar mirror framed with the figure of a person in a contemplative mode. He explains, “It is about being original, not always following suit. “That’s why I designed the mirror within the person's body, because it's not about checking one's appearance, but also one's life."