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Steel Candle Holders(20 items)

Discover NOVICA's Collection of Steel Candle Holders, handcrafted by artisans from around the world. From tealights to candelabrum, you will find a unique selection of traditional and contemporary steel designs, perfect for lending the warm glow of candlelight to any space.

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Steel Candle Holders

Artisans from the Andes to Central America, Mexico, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Ghana have each contributed designs to this steel candle holder collection. A collection as varied as it is unique, each artist crafts these steel candles from local metals and shapes them with a vision born of their local environment. As India’s Kamal explains it, "Since my childhood, I have been an art lover. I've always admired the way a handcrafted product goes through so many hands before taking its final splendid form.” A sentiment shared by his fellow artisans making candle holders around the world. And, a treasure that NOVICA strives to protect and nurture with every piece sold.
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