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Soapstone Candle Holders

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Discover NOVICA's Collection of Soapstone Candle Holders, handcrafted by artisans from around the world. From delicate tealights to hurricane-style statement lanterns, you will find a unique selection of traditional and contemporary soapstone designs, perfect for lending the warm glow of candlelight to any space.

Soapstone Candle Holders

Unlike other stone candle holders, soapstone candle holders absorb and evenly distribute fire’s heat. Because of this, it has been used for ages for fire paraphernalia: fireplaces, stoves, and Native American smoking pipes, to name a few. Though sturdy enough to tame fire, soapstone is made from talc and feels smooth and quite literally soapy to the touch. A soapstone candleholder is an investment, as it gets better with age and the slow development of its patina. The carving of this dynamic material is just as intriguing. Its strength allows the artist to make delicate lines without fear of its fragility. Gulam Rasool creates enclosed soapstone candle holders with lace-like patterns which contain the burning flame.

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