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Modern Candle Holders

Warm your home with the NOVICA Modern Candle Holders collection. These exuberant candle holders are brought to you by artisans from parts of Central America and areas of Indonesia. Each holder is handmade from a variety of materials. These materials range from various ceramics to mahogany and glass. Artists such as Veny Lydiawati, creator of candleholders such as the “Sugar Snowball”, come to NOVICA to showcase their talents. In her biography, Lydiawati talks about how she studied industrial design and recognized the importance of creating objects which many people could use. With NOVICA, Veny is able to provide the world with her special talents in making candleholders and to create a modern touch to any living space it occupies. We hope you enjoy the work of Veny and all the other artisans who make candleholders!
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