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Tourmaline Ring(16 items)

Discover NOVICA's Tourmaline Rings Collection. Discover traditional and contemporary styles, ranging from single-stone bands to gemstone-encrusted cocktail rings, handcrafted by global artisans to showcase this semi-precious stone that occurs naturally in a wide range of colors, including black. Tourmaline has long been held to balance yin and yang energies.

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The Tourmaline Ring

Known as the "rainbow gemstone," tourmaline comes in more colors than any other gem. In fact, the name refers to a group of several closely related minerals. The lighter colored stones are considered more valuable, and no two are exactly alike.

Legend tells how tourmaline, during its long journey from the earth's center, passed over a rainbow and took on its colors. Since ancient times, it has been thought to possess magical powers. But it is perhaps best known as the stone of friendship.

Our tourmaline rings have a gemstone color for every mood and occasion. Brazil's Mary Geluda creates modern 3 stone rings and bathes them in glowing gold. Also from Brazil, Cathrine Clarke creates wide textured bands, decorated with tourmaline in geometric shapes. Indian designer Sunita creates an array of silver solitaires to display the enigmatic gem. They find a fashionable complement in a tourmaline bracelet or other tourmaline jewellery. Some of our tourmaline rings feature amazonite, opal, topaz and turquoise.

Novica introduces a Tourmaline Ring Collection created by the world's most gifted jewelry designers and silversmiths. These rings feature chiefly sterling silver settings accented with distinctive tourmaline arrangements. We offer our tourmaline rings in several styles such as the domed, cocktail, cluster and wrap ring. We hope you enjoy them!

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