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Tiger Eye Rings

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Discover NOVICA's Tiger's Eye Ring Collection, handcrafted by artisans from around the world. This reflective stone is distinguished by rich golden yellow bands that in ancient Egypt were thought to represent the rays of the sun gleaming in a cat's eye.

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Popular Tiger Eye Rings

The Tiger Eye Ring

The ornamental purpose of jewelry is steeped in symbolic meaning. The ring, for example, represents unity and eternity, which is why it is traditionally associated with marriage and other important unions.

Novica's men's silver rings are varied and attractive, with some depicting cobras, horses and elephants, as well as classic or trendy styles. Original Balinese rings may feature animal motifs and floral styles. The butterfly ring is a favorite of many Novica designers from around the world. But it is tiger's eye that brings an exceptional warmth to rings of all kinds.

Whatever the setting, a tiger eye ring is perfect for any occasion. The golden brown stone possesses a unique characteristic called chatoyancy, that is, a changeable luster or color with an undulating narrow band of white light. It is not faceted, but polished to showcase this beautiful feature of the natural gem.

A talented Andean designer, Claudia Llaury showcases the stone in bold silver rings to pair with a tiger's eye bracelet. Homero's Brazilian designs feature ornate bands to cradle the honeyed gem. Thailand's Nareerat shapes petals from tigers eye for exquisite floral jewelry.

Whatever the style, Novica's Tiger Eye Ring Collection is primarily crafted of sterling silver and features gorgeous, handmade jewelry and rings from silversmiths around the globe. Please enjoy!

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