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Rose Quartz Ring

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Discover NOVICA's Rose Quartz Ring Collection, handcrafted by artisans from around the world. This beautiful, natural pink stone can be faceted or cut as a cabochon. Since ancient times, across cultures, it has been associated with the heart, inner healing, and love.

The Rose Quartz Ring

Representing unity and eternity, the ring is traditionally associated with marriage and other important unions. It is said that all rings were once magical or sacred. Given their circular form, rings were considered objects of protection, a magical guard, or a talisman to ward off negativity through its continuity.

They have functioned as symbols of authority or social status across the ages, and signet rings were worn by kings and church leaders. Engagement rings are believed to be a legacy of the Romans, and birthstones are tied to the wearer's birth month.

Always lovely, rose quartz is believed to help ignite the flame of love. The clear pink stone is one of the most desirable varieties of quartz. It has been carved since early times and is often faceted when set in jewelry. Its milky aspect is attributed to the presence of tiny rutile needles within the stone.

An alternate birth stone for those born in January, rose quartz jewelry is a perennial favorite. Showcased alone in sterling silver or complementing an onyx bracelet or opal pendant, the stone is always beautiful. Novica is proud to present a Rose Quartz Ring Collection created by gifted artisans and jewelry designers around the planet. Our rose quartz rings feature principally sterling silver settings. Their styles include cocktail rings, solitaires, filigree rings and more. We hope you enjoy them!

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