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Labradorite Ring

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Explore NOVICA's Labradorite Ring Collection. Discover unique styles ranging from single stone bands to multi-stone cocktail rings, handcrafted by global artisans to showcase the remarkable iridescent flashes of peacock-like blue, green, gold and red colors that this beautiful stone displays. This magical stone has long been thought to elicit mystical powers.

The Labradorite Ring

According to mystical lore, labradorite is a power stone that strengthens intuition. Its unique coloring is mesmerizing, for labradorite is gray with iridescent flashes of purple, blue, and yellow. It creates a contrast to behold when set on silver, which is why Novica has created a labradorite ring gallery for you to explore.

A polished labradorite cabochon glows with infinite elegance on a solitaire sterling silver ring by Bhavesh. Embracing artistic minimalism, he creates elegant rings that go well with other designer's work, including Khun Boom's hill tribe labradorite jewelry. You may also wish to match a labradorite ring from India with the labradorite pendant on a sterling silver choker from Agung Pribadi.

In this way, through Novica's collection of labradorite rings, you can put together your very personal jewelry set with designs from India, Thailand and Bali, respectively!
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