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Natural Turquoise Necklaces

December’s birthstone, turquoise, has played a fundamental role as a protective healing stone in many cultures and civilizations both ancient and modern. Although today turquoise is frequently associated with the Southwest, we also know that it was highly cherished among ancient Egyptian royalty, Tibetans, Persians, and in ancient Chinese civilizations as well. A turquoise stone is considered natural when it is simply polished and cut, undergoing zero modification processes to its constitution. NOVICA’s collection of natural turquoise necklaces celebrates the stone’s imperfections, which we believe actually adds to its allure. With very little natural turquoise jewelry on the market anymore, our collection of natural turquoise necklaces is truly unrivaled. NOVICA’s selection includes styles of pendants, cords, collars, chokers, statements, and natural turquoise bead necklaces, among many others. Find magnificent work from artisans who adore turquoise as much as their ancestors in this handcrafted collection of turquoise necklaces.