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Leather Necklaces

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Discover NOVICA's unique collection of Leather Necklaces in classic and contemporary styles from talented global artisans.

The Leather Necklace

Though specific techniques vary depending on the intended function of the material, leather’s long-lasting, durable feeling is generally achieved by tanning the hides and skins of animals, particularly those of cattle. The finished animal hide may then be painted, engraved, beaded, and stamped to achieve several unusual looks. Leather jewelry is a wonderful casual option for both men and women of all ages. NOVICA artisans from around the globe come together to create a collection of leather necklaces for women that are perfect for work or even a night on the town. Guatemalan couple and NOVICA artisans Ruben and Gilda Perez offer a huge selection of leather necklaces with pendants that represent Mayan culture. Pair one of their necklaces with a women's leather bracelet to seamlessly tie your look together.
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