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Gold Necklaces

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Explore NOVICA's Gold Necklaces Collection. Discover unique designs, handcrafted by global artisans. From delicate pendants to beautifully embellished statement necklaces, you will find traditional and contemporary styles designed to delight those seeking the handmade and different in this most precious of metals.

The Gold Necklace

Gold is soft, malleable and very beautiful. It has been prized since prehistoric times and was used for ornaments or jewelry. Pure gold is yellow, however white gold, an alloy that resembles silver or platinum, is also used in fine jewelry.

Novica artisans transform the precious metal for our Gold Necklace Gallery. Peru's Giuliana Valz-Gen creates exquisite silver bracelets and necklaces in filigree, covering them in gleaming gold. Accents in gold leaf adorn Gerard Terrien's designs, and Thailand's Danai combines natural flowers with gold and silver. Brazil's Claudio Bravo adds gold details to bracelets and necklaces woven from native buriti palm.

Gold vermeil refers to sterling silver bathed in gleaming gold, and it is a favorite medium for designers from around the world. Gold plated jewelry may host precious stones to become a warm carnelian necklace or a unique brooch. We hope you enjoy exploring our collection of Gold Necklaces from around the world!

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