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Sterling Silver Earrings from Peru

Quality sterling silver meets authentic Peruvian design and flawless craftsmanship in this unparalleled gallery of sterling silver earrings from Peru.

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Popular Sterling Silver Earrings from Peru

Sterling Silver Earrings from Peru

The Peruvian silverwork tradition dates back to centuries prior to the arrival of the Europeans in America. During that time, Moche and Incan civilizations crafted gorgeous silver jewelry by hand, using traditional methods. These methods are still used today by talented Peruvian artisans, including those featured in NOVICA’s collection of sterling silver earrings. Many artisans showcased in this collection possess silversmith skills that were passed down to them by their fathers. Featured artist Sissi Bernal, for example, comes from a long line of jewelry makers, "My father taught me the same way his father taught him,” Sissi says. “We are all silversmiths, each specializing in one aspect. My father is the head; my siblings and I are the alloy.” Sissi’s style includes traditional Peruvian design as well as inventive methods of jewelry making, such as crocheted strands of dyed sterling silver.
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