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Garnet Earrings from India

Browse the dozens of timeless offerings in NOVICA’s collection of garnet earrings from India.

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Popular Garnet Earrings from India

Garnet Earrings from India

Gifted artisans draw on scarlet petals and burgundy blossoms for NOVICA’s collection of garnet earrings from India, starring floral and natural motifs. Let autumn leaves spiral and careen down your neckline with Indian artisan Neeru Goel’s elegant ‘Crimson Leaves’ garnet drop earrings. Neeru’s attention to detail is evident in all her work, a trait she inherited from her grandmother. Other Indian artisans featured in this collection use garnet’s fiery passion, transforming January’s birthstone into lovely heart shaped offerings. Explore dozens of sterling silver choices, or opt for striking gold vermeil earrings to bring out garnet’s inferno.
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