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Chandelier Earrings

Welcome to Novica's Chandelier Earrings Gallery! We hope you enjoy exploring our unique, artisan-crafted designs.

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Chandelier Earrings

Novica has assembled a vast collection of artisan-crafted chandelier earrings that is certain to enthrall even the most eccentric of tastes. Cast of silver, plated in gold or studded with gems and pearls, we invite you to explore the chandelier earring designs that come from around the world.

Though historically men and women from different cultures have worn earrings, the chandelier earring is perhaps the most feminine of all. Chandelier earrings may form part of woman's traditional attire, or they may be an integral part of a dance costume, such as the filigree earrings worn by Mexico's Tehuana woman from Oaxaca. Erick Gomez has inherited his family's silversmith's craft, and the chandelier earrings he designs include bird, sun, moon and flower earrings.

As the term implies, chandelier earrings are meant to shine bright, and Thivaporn Boonnak's collection includes gemstone varieties of the same design, such as her amber and garnet earrings that are ideal gifts for her.

When a chandelier earring is cast of silver, it offers the designer myriad possibilities of themes to engrave. When lapis lazuli, moonstone, or turquoise is present, the effect is mesmerizing.