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Thailand Bracelets

Thailand's rich jewelry history can be traced back hundreds of years, when precious stones and other natural resources were found in many areas. At the time, Thai people took gemstones to befit only royalty and the upper classes. Nowadays, gold and silver jewelry is readily available to all, and Thai artisans are internationally renowned for their extraordinary designs. Many are proud to contribute their creations to Novica's Gallery of Thailand Bracelets.

There are artisans who faithfully replicate the styles of the ancient kingdom of Lanna, in northern Thailand. The women of Lanna were especially admired for their poised elegance wearing handmade jewelry, inspiring artists to paint their portraits. Today their legendary beauty continues to fascinate, for example as batik prints on cotton sling bags.

The Thai Bracelet collection glistens with colorful gemstones and hill tribe pendants on silver charm bracelets. We hope you enjoy.