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This collection of sterling silver onyx bracelets contains dozens of jewelry styles that add just the right amount of edge to a classic outfit.

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Popular Sterling Silver Onyx Bracelets

Sterling Silver Onyx Bracelets

Known for its protective abilities to slow down reckless impulses and keep negativity at bay, onyx is one of the most powerful stones discussed in spiritual lore. The black stone’s association with patience and farsightedness is indicative of the slow process onyx endured to become the gorgeous gem that is featured today in NOVICA’s sterling silver onyx bracelet collection. Each piece in this collection draws on the striking contrast between the deep black gemstone onyx and brilliant sterling silver. A sterling silver black onyx cuff bracelet is the perfect accent to slow down a busy outfit. Find pendants, bangles, links, and many more styles of jewelry in this exceptional compilation of sterling silver onyx bracelets.