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Mexican Bracelets

Welcome to Novica's Mexican Bracelet Gallery! We hope you enjoy viewing our handmade Mexican bracelets below:

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The Mexican Bracelet

Throughout Mexico's history jewelry has served as a symbol of status, an indicator of wealth and a marker of identity. Designs reflect the complexity of Mexico's history as artisans replicate pre-Hispanic glyphs with jewelry techniques learnt from the Spanish. The original collection of Mexican Bracelets assembled by Novica offers you the opportunity to admire Mexico's legendary jewelry heritage.

Aztec and Maya people created admirable designs with gold and colorful stones. As Christianity arrived, Mexican artisans crafted beautiful cross necklaces and other religious themes with the clever synchronicity of pre-Hispanic beliefs.

Mexico's rich deposits of silver, gold, and gemstones offers artisans a wealth of inspiration. Designs celebrate tradition, including Day of the Dead festivities as well as celebrated artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera on sterling silver earrings.

Novica's Mexican Bracelet gallery includes bold and new designs, as well as historic glyphs that also appear in hand-loomed Zapotec rugs.