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Cuff Bracelets from West Africa

Find no shortage of vibrant colors in this energetic collection of cuff bracelets from West Africa. Each piece featured in the gallery below was carefully handcrafted by talented artisans.

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Popular Cuff Bracelets from West Africa

Cuff Bracelets from West Africa

This modern collection of brightly pigmented cuff bracelets from West Africa features chunky accessories designed to add energy and personality to any ensemble. Explore selections of cuff bracelets in vibrant sea foam green, deep crimson, mustard yellow, and rich mauve, among many other hues. Historically, West African cultures have often used jewelry as a way to denote status, but even more often as a storytelling device. Tell the story of the artist who created your West African cuff bracelet. Jewelry from various cultures around the globe often showcases a unique style, as the West African cuff bracelets are typically crafted from leather, and Indian cuff bracelets, for example, are often sterling silver. Help nurture the dreams of artists like Ila Suleyman from Ghana, who uses a portion of his earnings from NOVICA to teach physically challenged members of his community how to create unique artwork of their own.
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