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Indian Cuff Bracelets

Browse NOVICA's Indian cuff bracelets to find a diverse collection of styles, gemstones, and material.

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Popular Indian Cuff Bracelets

Indian Cuff Bracelets

Unlike many other societies that have shed their cultural origins over the centuries, many traditions and rituals that once guided life in ancient India continue to remain valued functions in modern-day India. In fact, even ancient beliefs about jewelry making and wearing are unmistakably noticed throughout this modern collection of handcrafted Indian cuff bracelets for women. Indian cuff bracelets in many ways serve as platforms for conveying stories both ancient and contemporary. The thickness of sterling silver Indian cuff bracelets allows an artisan’s talent for detailed intricacies to be showcased. One of the Indian artisans known for her impressive craftsmanship is Neeru Goel, who tells the story of majestic elephants guarding Indian forest secrets in her sterling silver Indian arm cuff bracelet. Neeru’s attention to detail began at a young age; growing up in West Bengal, Neeru says she was greatly inspired by her grandmother, “who used to look into each and every detail, from how jewelry is made to what had been used to make the jewelry.” Find cuff bracelets from Neeru and other talented artisans in this collection.
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