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Hobo Handbags

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Discover NOVICA's Hobo Handbags Collection. You'll find handcrafted crescent-shaped designs in a wide range of soft, flexible materials. From smooth leathers to handwoven cottons and wools, you'll discover a unique hobo handbag, handcrafted by global artisans, to match your style.

The Hobo Handbag

Novica introduces its Hobo Handbag Collection designed by talented artisans from all around the planet. You can find our hobo handbags in numerous distinctive styles and materials, such as wool, cotton, leather, and silk.

Jiap Rojjana of Thailand contributes her works to our extensive line of hobo handbags. One of her most popular hobo designs is a blue handbag sewn of cotton which features hand-embroidered motifs. Rojjana also produces a matching green handbag which can complete your colorful hobo handbag collection.

Arturo Martínez of Lima, Peru offers a more rugged approach to his design of the hobo handbag. An artisan who specializes in leather crafts, Martínez's uses accessories such as attractive zippers, snaps and buckles to adorn his purses. In his Peru-inspired collection you will find such pieces as the classic brown leather handbag. His expertise in leather craftsmanship will assure you that if you are shopping for a hobo handbag, you will find the perfect leather handbag if you browse his offerings.

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