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Black Evening Bags

Welcome to Novica's Black Evening Bag Gallery! We hope you enjoy perusing our black evening bags below:

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The Black Evening Bag

Novica's Black Evening Bag Collection offers an assortment of chic and elegant designs created by talented artisans from around the globe. Our black evening bags are made from a wide gamut of materials, including leather, soda pop-tops, and silk.

Eduardo Alcala of Mexico contributes his designs to our Black Evening Bag Collection. His line of purses includes an elegant leather handbag. In his Mexican-themed collection you will find one of the many clutch handbags offered on NOVICA's full line of handmade purses.

Ika is an artist who adds Balinese flair to our collection of black evening bags. She creates one of NOVICA's many sling bags. Ika is also renowned for her distinctive rendition of the handle handbag.

We hope you enjoy!