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Indian Photo Frames

Welcome to NOVICA’s collection of Photo Frames from India! These decorative and colorful frames are a perfect way to display any of your photos:

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Popular Indian Photo Frames

Indian Photo Frames

Our Indian artists work in wood, bone, glass and other materials to create the perfect picture frame, one that accentuates your photos without overpowering them. One great way to bring your photos to life is by surrounding them with vibrant color. In NOVICA’s collection of Photo Frames from India, you are sure to find just the right touch for your pictures. One of our Indian artisan groups, Sameer and Sunil, build their photo frames out of reclaimed wood, transforming the old into the new. Another artist, Vidushini, calls her frame “Flowers of India,” and decorates the borders with a bright red floral pattern, so that your photo is set against a stream of continuous flowers.