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Red Journals

Welcome to the Red Journal Collection at NOVICA! Please enjoy discovering our unique red journals below:

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Red Journals

NOVICA’s red journals collection includes artisan wrapping papers, stationary and greeting cards as well as beautifully handcrafted journals. Journals have grown in popularity because who hasn’t kept, or vowed to keep, a journal or a diary at some point in their life? Most of us still long to stow our thoughts, our encounters and our memories in something more tangible than a digital format. NOVICA’s unique blank journals feature handmade paper sheets bound together by red decorative covers. One of the NOVICA paper artisans, Teerasak Chaiwong, crafts his greeting cards from saa paper made from the bark of mulberry trees that grow in northern Thailand. He packages his cards in boxes crafted from banana trunk fibers. Chaiwong thinks of his paper art as recycling the gifts of the earth.