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Balinese Baskets

Welcome to NOVICA’s Balinese Basket Collection by the master basket weavers of Bali. Colors and techniques you won’t find anywhere else in the world, each basket makes a perfect accent piece for home or office:

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Popular Balinese Baskets

Balinese Baskets

The art of basket weaving has been part of Balinese culture for thousands of years. The colors, the weaves, the fibers, each unique to the region and, in some cases, individual villages and artists. The baskets in NOVICA’s Balinese Basket collection come from a variety of local indigenous artists from Bali. Each one a master work of art in its own right. Colors that reflect the plumage of exotic birds and intricate weaves that vary from village to village. This collection is a truly unique expression of the basket weavers art.