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Welcome to Novica's collection of silk tops! Discover unique tunics, blouses and caftans made of luxurious silk in our gallery below:

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Silk Tops

The lustrous sheen of silk has been treasured for centuries throughout the world. It probably dates back to the year 2640 B.C. when, according to Confucius, the Chinese princess Xi Ling Shi was the first to reel a silk cocoon that had fallen into her cup of tea. Silk techniques have since evolved, making it possible for weavers and designers of the 21st Century to develop a variety of apparel items. Explore Novica’s gallery of silk tops for women and relish in the feast of colors and styles – you’re bound to find one that’s just right for you.

A woman’s silk top is one of the most versatile pieces of apparel to have in your wardrobe. Silk tunics from India glisten with colorful beaded embroidery. They resemble the rich gemstone and gold clothes that Mughal princesses once wore. Accessorized with handcrafted beaded bracelets/a>, wearing a silk top is certain to draw more than one admiring glance! Hand-dyed batiks from Indonesia, Indian designs hand-woven on traditional Kutch pit looms, hand painted silk blouses from Indian and Indonesian master weavers and dyers make up this stunning collection of silk tops by NOVICA. "I knew I wanted to work in a profession that helped rural artisans and, at the same time, develop my interest in textiles and natural dyes,” says Bina Rao of India who creates silk top masterpieces using traditional techniques over 1,000 years old. And like many other NOVICA artisans she does just that. Bali’s Arthur Karvan who hand screens his stunning silk blouses, puts it this way, "My goal is to design original batik of high quality. To do so, I search for the best silk, the best cottons, and the best linen for my work.”