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Who could turn away a bouquet? Adorn yourself in nature’s most charming flourish with a floral top.

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Popular Floral Tops

Floral Tops

Not everybody stops to smell the roses, but everybody looks. The eye is just as drawn to flowers as bees and butterflies are. These floral tops lend the wearer that look of beauty, charm, and romance that flowers have to offer. The lotus, a symbol of purity and grace, is one of Kadek Ita’s favorites. A single blossoming lotus, which normally floats over the water line, floats at the center of many of her floral tops. Just as flowers do, these floral tops are designed to catch the eye of the artist. To recreate the sensations of fresh life and delicate beauty that come so naturally to flowers, designers must master techniques, as well as artistry. NOVICA artisans, like Suwitra, have become experts in batik dyeing methods, silk-screening, and hand-painted motifs, applying them to their floral tops to evoke the sense of flowers firsthand.